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safeguarding your community since 1996

Brinant Security was founded by Mr. Anton Nieuwoudt in 1996.  Drawing on his military background, Mr Niewwoudt was focused on establishing a private security company based on sound principles and operational structures, to ensure optimum use of security officers for the benefit of all clients.

Today, Brinant Security Group is committed to protect homes, workplaces and communities in Gauteng by providing a comprehensive quality service to our clients’ security needs. Brinant stands for integrity and vigilance – a guarding and armed response company you can depend on to protect your assets and safeguard the community.



  • We are honourable, trustworthy, truthful and open in our interactions with each other and with our clients. We value ourselves, each other and our clients – showing understanding and appreciation for our similarities and differences.
  • We work together to achieve our goals, making use of diverse skills, abilities, roles and views.


  • We keep careful watch over our clients and our community for possible danger or difficulties.
  • We are observant giving careful attention to what is happening in our community, to enable us to notice any danger or illegal activities.


  • We are conscientious, professional, responsible, and dependable in our dealings with each other and our clients.

What People Say About Us

Probably the best security company that I have worked with. The guys are always friendly and helpful.

Robert CoetzeePretoria