The importance of giving Authorised people access to your property

Authorised access to your property could mean the difference between life and death.

There are a myriad of situations that may necessitate family members or your armed response service provider needing immediate access to your property. These may include anything from an armed robbery, a burglary, a fire, or even a slip or fall that could leave you injured or unconscious.

Short of leaving the key under the door mat, there are two products on the market that are safe and secure and most importantly, impenetrable, namely the Lock Box and the Centurion Keypad.


Lock Boxes Date back to the 50's

Lock boxes have been around for many years and are generally found next to the main gate of the premises. Lock box technology has evolved over time and older versions dating back to the 50’s, were opened with a small silver key, hence the name lock box. Today, lock boxes work on numerous technologies from a basic keypad to infrared systems and even units that are opened with sophisticated cellphone technology. In short, the Lock Box and Centurion Keypad are simple storage devices that are attached to a gate or door. A key or a set of keys is placed inside the lockbox and only a person with the code is able to open the lockbox, retrieve the keys, and gain access to a property.

Most lock boxes available on the market today are constructed from non-corrosive steel and are weather resistant to ensure that the unit won’t freeze, crack or rust. Units are flush mounted which means that no amount of prying or tampering will provide access to the locked unit.

Finding the right model is all about ease-of-use, sturdiness and difficulty to decode, but whichever you choose, the most important factor to consider when installing the unit, is the actual installation. To ensure that your lock box cannot be pried open or removed, it should ideally be installed by a specialist such as one of our qualified Brinant technicians.

It is important to remember that access codes should be regularly changed to ensure that they remains confidential. The code itself should only be given to family members, trusted friends, and your armed response service provider.

Speak to Brinant about the professional installation of your lockbox.

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