Winter And Crime

24/HR EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBER 086 117 4343 ADMIN@BRINANT.CO.ZA Facebook-f job opportunities Winter And Crime Be extra vigilant this winter There is nothing quite like feeling warm, cosy and in fact protected in your home during the cold winter’s months, but this is the time of year when homeowners should be more vigilant than ever as […]

License Plate Recognition

Crime Prevention by means of License Plate Recognition Once again Brinant Group is at the forefront of security in Pretoria East. Over the past two years we have had immense success with our LPR cameras in Pretoria East. These cameras cover all the major routes entering our suburbs and are capable of identifying 20 000 plates […]

Access To Your Property

job opportunities The importance of giving Authorised people access to your property Authorised access to your property could mean the difference between life and death. There are a myriad of situations that may necessitate family members or your armed response service provider needing immediate access to your property. These may include anything from an armed […]

Home Security

Home Security – Securing Your Home Over The Holidays Criminal activity increases during the holidays so it’s important to take precautions. Brinant Security Group gives insight into home security and how to keep your valuables safe. Just because you are on holiday doesn’t mean that criminals are also taking a break. In fact, criminal activity […]

Understanding Car and Hijacking

CARJACKINGS AND HIJACKINGS According to South African Crime Stats there’s been a 13% increase in carjackings/hijackings between April 2019 and March 2020. Hijackings take place every 32 minutes on average and it has been increasing at an alarming rate since after lockdown. What is the difference between a carjacking and a hijacking? During a carjacking […]

How summer storms can affect your alarm system

How summer storms can affect your alarm system We all know that hot summer days not only brings cooling cocktails and laziness around the swimming pool, but it also brings severe storms, heavy winds and possible power failures. Summer storms can mean power outages and flooding, two occurrences that can seriously threaten the proper running […]

Lockdown And Abuse

The Role Of Alcohol In Abuse And Gender Based Violence The role of alcohol in abuse and gender-based violence The recent decision by the government to move the country down to level 3 and to re-open alcohol sales has seen a flair-up of gender-based violence incidents. Far too many times, we hear that alcohol abuse […]

Winter Is Looming

Winter is coming and we are still stuck at home On 31 March 2020 various groups, radio personalities and people of authority asked that no one post any April’s Fool’s jokes on social media platforms as this may cause panic. One has to ask yourself: how strange the times when our actual lives resemble an […]

Safety and Jogging

Why jogging could be bad for your health With technology what it is today more people than ever have access to information and with more knowledge comes better choices. This has led to a massive shift worldwide of people who take their health seriously and undertake regular exercise. It’s no secret that physical activity can […]

April News

April News Taking On The Monster We live in strange times. It’s as if we went to bed and woke up the next morning to the realisation that life as we know it will never be the same again. And we are not alone. As of February 2020 the global face of humanity has changed […]