How summer storms can affect your alarm system

We all know that hot summer days not only brings cooling cocktails and laziness around the swimming pool, but it also brings severe storms, heavy winds and possible power failures. 

Summer storms can mean power outages and flooding, two occurrences that can seriously threaten the proper running of a household. Whether it’s a downpour of rain, lighting or hail, summer storms can leave a house susceptible to a compromise in security. An electric storm can wreak havoc with your gate motors, perimeter electric fence, external motion sensors, beams, back-up batteries and internal alarm systems. 


During heavy winds make sure to close your windows and doors so that the gusts don’t trigger your alarms system or set off the infrared sensors. This will also help to prevent false alarms. Lightning damages the alarm system not only by direct hits, but also indirect hits, because most systems operate on electricity.

Security systems are more sensitive in bad weather

Did you know that outdoor security equipment is more sensitive to bad weather. Remove foliage around your electric fence and outside motion detectors such as beams. Branches and loose hanging trees can also cause false alarms if heavy winds are predicted.

Many criminals are aware that these elements can damage your gate motor or disable your electric fencing. We at Brinant Security urge you to evaluate weak security points and make sure your security systems are in good working order before and after a storm. Make sure you also have back-up batteries for fences and gates to ensure that you are still secured during power outages.

Backup your alarm system

Fortunately your Brinant security system has a backup battery in case of a power outage; however not many homeowners check to see if the battery is fully charged. We will receive notifications in case a battery runs low, which can be incredibly helpful for busy or forgetful minds. Please always make sure that a backup battery is functioning, especially during this time of bad summer storms and power outages. An alarm battery that is in good condition should last up to 4 hours when unplugged. 

After the weather has cleared up, homeowners are urged to test their alarm systems and other hardware – such as panic buttons, outside beams and infra-red detectors which may have been affected or damaged by bad lightning and weather. This is utmost important because if the system is not functioning properly it may mean the alarm activation signal may not reach your security company in case of any emergencies, and that means that we will not be able to assist which would be rather very unfortunate for you as our client. We urge you to take all the necessary precautions!

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