Crime Prevention by means of License Plate Recognition

Once again Brinant Group is at the forefront of security in Pretoria East.

Over the past two years we have had immense success with our LPR cameras in Pretoria East. These cameras cover all the major routes entering our suburbs and are capable of identifying 20 000 plates per day.

LPR is License Plate Recognition by means of a static camera. The purpose is to collect data from all vehicles passing by. The data is then verified against various databases containing information regarding suspicious, stolen or suspect vehicles.

 The LPR cameras communicate via LTE and 4G to the dedicated server in our control room. Brinant area vehicles are then informed of any suspicious vehicles in their area which they then investigate and take the necessary actions.

After collecting the data, it gets verified with the help of encrypted software against various databases containing information regarding suspicious, stolen, or suspect vehicles.

We also offer LPR solutions to communities that would like to virtually close of a specific area. Contact us for more information regarding this.

The purpose of the LPR initiative is a further attempt by Brinant to keep our communities save and crime free, because your safety is our #1 priority


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