Winter And Crime

Be extra vigilant this winter

There is nothing quite like feeling warm, cosy and in fact protected in your home during the cold winter’s months, but this is the time of year when homeowners should be more vigilant than ever as statistics point to increased illegal activity during the cooler months. This is probably due to the shorter days and longer nights and the fact that criminals literally have more time than ever to lurk around. Here are some tips to safeguard you and your family this winter.

Arm your alarm earlier rather than later

It is not only important to always arm your alarm when you leave the house, but also to arm it earlier in the evening than during summer months. The sun goes down a lot earlier at this time of the year and it is generally quite dark outside at six in the evening with decreased visibility around the yard. It is equally important to only disarm your alarm as late as you possibly can in the morning and to, where possible, at least try and wait until the sun is up.

Lock your doors

Telling someone to lock their doors seems like basic advice but the point cannot be stressed enough. Ensure that all doors and gates to your home are locked even when you are at home. Criminals are brazen and will take a chance when an opportunity presents itself.


Leave the lights on

It is important that darker areas around your house is adequately lit in order to provide a clearer view from inside the home. When you are not at home, leave lights on or install timer switches or day night globes to ensure that there is always light in and around the house.

Don’t put a target on your back

It is best not to keep large amounts of cash or jewellery in your home as this can easily turn you into a target. Criminals are inventive and could bribe or threaten one of your staff members into providing them for information regarding your possessions and finances.

Tidy up the garden

Leaving gardening equipment, tools and ladders outside is dangerous as it may provide a criminal with exactly what he needs to get into your home. Keep all your equipment locked away in a shed, or better yet in your home or garage.


Stay alert

Winter months provide people with the opportunity to dress in coats, scarves and beanies. This makes identifying a person a lot more difficult and someone bundled up against the cold will not seem out of place. Homeowners are urged to stay alert and look out for individuals loitering on corners, or for suspicious vehicles in the area. Where possible it is best to find some identifying features of a suspicious person or the numberplate of a vehicle in order to accurately provide your armed response company with information that may assist them in the event of an incident.


Trust your gut instinct and react immediately when you feel threatened, uneasy or in danger. Ensure that your Brinant alarm system and or panic button is in good working order and connected to the armed response team who has been safeguarding your community since 1996.


Brinant stands for integrity and vigilance – a guarding and armed response company you can depend on to protect your assets and safeguard the community.