Brinant will be a leader in the security industry by focusing on our clients by building a relationship based on service, trust and integrity, employees, growth, innovation and efficiency.


To serve our clientele in a professional, cost effective manner and as such become the security service provider of choice for the South African market.


Brinant Security was founded by Mr. Anton Nieuwoudt in 1996, who, drawing on his military background, wished to establish a company based on sound principles and operational structures, to ensure optimum use of security officers for the benefit of the clients.


Brinant Security provides the following services to our clients:

Armed Response

Brinant offers an advanced monitoring and armed response service to its clients in the Pretoria / Pretoria East area. 

This service is operated from the state of the art Control Centre in Moreleta Park, a second emergency Control Centre is available as a full fallback for the other. Therefore, little or no downtime is guaranteed. These control rooms ensure professional, fast and efficient service to all our clients, 24/7.

We use the latest monitoring platforms and keep up with new advancements within the industry.

All personnel undergo a vigorous vetting process including a polygraph test and a criminal background check directly with the SAPS. All personnel are registered with PSIRA (Private security industry regulatory authority) and all installations adhere to SAIDSA (South African Intruder Detection Services Association) standards and regulations.

All alarm signals are monitored at these control rooms, including CID (contact ID) signals. Our radio network will automatically switch over to GPRS signals in case the RF network fails. CID signals enable Brinant to specifically monitor zones/key holders in the control room. This enhances the performance of response officers, enabling them to immediately identify the risk area.

The fleet of 21-armed reaction and supervision vehicle ensure excellent reaction times to alarm activations. We believed in active patrolling and visibility to be the key to success.

Guarding Services


Protecting and safeguarding more than 190 residential and complexes in Gauteng has given BRINANT GROUP and its officers all the experience in guarding these prime properties effectively, by using specially trained and specific task orientated officers and specialized equipment (GPS based patrol systems provide 24 hour live active monitoring). BRINANT GROUP is a dedicated Security Service Provider with an established effective security compliment of almost 1,400 security officers, supplemented with 21 fully equipped reaction/supervision vehicles, 8 additional Management vehicles and 5 technical teams. BRINANT also offers specialist services such as armed guards, Tactical Ops Teams and has an armory in excesses of than 300 fire-arms. These fire-arms are duly registered with the SAPS and fully compliant with all legislation.


Site Specific Induction Training:
To ensure a consistent high level of service and surpass client expectations Brinant will formulate a site procedure in consultation with the Client. All selected personnel will undergo pre-takeover training on the site procedure. All the selected personnel will receive initial and ongoing training as per the job description.

24 Hour Senior Management Availability:
Brinant has over 21 years of extensive residential security experience and understands that day to day problems will occur when there is a human element involved. Bearing this in mind Brinant firmly believes that the most effective way to reduce, handle and resolve potential problems is to provide each client with a dedicated contract manager.  

All our senior managers are in weekly contact with their respective clients and officers. All area managers or their nominated stand in can be reached 24hrs a day by their clients. This creates a good open communication channel between service provider and client and ensures that a solution is only one phone call away.            

Daily Middle junior management (Supervisors)
BRINANT’ vision of interaction between personnel on the ground and supervisors is that supervisors must be pro-active in their management of the guards. We achieve this through actively visiting and patrolling our sites. Supervisors liaise with guards, convey correspondence between themselves and the office and generally manage their performance. Our vehicles are not parked “strategically” but are roving between premises (clients). These vehicles are tracked live from the control room ensuring the closest vehicle to an incident is dispatched.


Being a moderately large security company, we make provision for the unknown and ensure that we have sufficient additional staff and equipment unforeseen situations. Our doors never close, our state of the art control room is manned 24/7 by senior officers. The control room is in radio contact with all officers, supervisors, managers and directors. We have two extended and dedicated radio frequencies, ICASA registered. The one frequency acts as a backup in case of possible repeater shut-down, a further contingency is the use of a cell radio network. Management is always on duty and rotates every 7 days. BRINANT serves on various Policing Forums and initiatives and has a healthy relationship with Emergency Services.


Our dedication is extended to all our staff. BRINANT boasts to be one of the very few security companies in South Africa to have a very stable employment base. We still have officers that have been with us since our inception, noteworthy in the Security Industry. We have realized that much of our success lies in a loyal client base, as much as it is defined in a loyal employment staff! How do we accomplish this seemingly impossible task? We remunerate our officers strictly according to National Government prescriptions (Department of Labor, U.I.F. PSIRA Act and every other relevant Statutory Act)

Prevention. Protection. Safety.

About Us

Brinant Security will always strive to provide our clients with a premium & cost effective service

Brinant is committed to providing a comprehensive quality service to our clients.  The security officers on duty and on site are visited regularly by our management team. A senior officer will visit the officers on duty at least thirty times a month. Brinant always has senior officers on duty whom are armed and in radio contact with all security officers deployed, as well as our control office.

Each client has a dedicated manager assigned to them. In this way a good open line of communication is maintained between the client and the security provider at all times. Contract managers are available 24 hours a day to deal with any unforeseen problems, thereby ensuring that a reliable response is only one phone call away. Brinant is a company that is managed by its owners, and the directors are also closely involved in the daily security function. Recommendations will be compiled regularly and presented to you for consideration. Reports on specific incidents or general monthly statistics can be compiled when required.


The voice of our loyal customers


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"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique" - John Doe


"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique" - John Doe


"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique" - John Doe

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